Lohocla is a research and development company that is at the forefront of discovery bioscience center photoof medications for chronic pain, addictive and other mental health and neurological disorders. Lohocla is also unique in its dedication to developing biological markers (diagnostics) that aid the physician in properly allocating Lohocla-developed medications to the appropriate patients. The tenets of personalized medicine drive the company’s research efforts.

bioscience center photoExamples of Lohocla research and development efforts include medications for chronic pain syndromes, including neuropathic pain due to diabetes and cancer chemotherapy. Development of medications valuable in retarding cancer metastasis and a plant extract efficacious in treatment of major depressive illness and tobacco addiction.

Genetic and biochemical tests to ascertain addiction to alcohol, differentiate bipolar from major depressive disorders, and identify the etiology of chronic pain syndromes for medication purposes are in stages of development.

Lohocla’s forte is in discovery and pre-clinical development of medications and diagnostics and we welcome inquiries from potential partners wishing to progress our products to market.